Gardeners and Nature lovers already appreciate the botanical wonders around us, but plants are more than floral beauties. We owe the air we breathe to them, all of our food, and most of our medicine, chemicals and housing. Animals from elephants to ants depend on plant-life. And the world's flora has an equally intimate relationship with the birds, insects, mammals and humans around them. Explore these relationships and find the latest botany discoveries through the links below. Check out the categories in the menu or try the search using the magnifying glass above.

If I Could Talk To The Annuals. Grocery Chain Hires “Plant Whisperers”

Britain’s leading hardware store is to employ PLANT WHISPERERS to cultivate in-store flowers by TALKING to them.

When Conservation Research Endangers The Subject Being Studied

Most studies assume that coring has no impact on tree health –maintaining reproductive output, trunk strength, growth rate and risk of death. However, there is a small body of research that reports significant, sometimes fatal, outcomes, directly attributable to this sampling technique.


Cleansing With Fire May Invite Invasive Species

Fire is one of the best management tools that land managers have at their disposal so we can’t expect managers not to burn at all. Several rare native plant species thrive following controlled burning, which reduces dominant competitors. If we stop burning, those species may disappear. However, we need to be more cautious about when and where we use prescribed fire,


Plants That Trap Insects To Barter With Predatory Insects For Protection

The sticky plants aren’t all relatives. Rather, flypaper plants seem to have evolved more than 100 separate times. They may all make different gluey compounds. But whatever siren songs they’re sending out, bugs would be better off ignoring them.


A Great Variety of Plant Species Depend on Large Animals For Seed Dispersal

If large animals become extinct in an ecosystem, it will not only be the largest-seed species that lose their potential dispersers; some of the smallest-seed species will also be at risk,


Weaponizing A Native Fungus To Kill An Invasive Tree

What we are experiencing is the rapid expansion of the tree of heaven replacing our native species. This might be our shot at overcoming its expansion.


Abandoning The Botanical Frontier: Where Are The Next Field Botanists?

Many botanists, however, believe that the era of the superstar collector is drawing to a close, at least in the 200-year-old form of a man (or occasionally woman) setting out from Europe or North America to see what the tropics hold. As botany has moved away from taxonomy and towards molecular studies, few of the jobs available allow researchers to spend long periods in the field gaining an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants. Tropical countries have also imposed restrictions on foreign researchers and are developing their own botanical expertise among home-grown scientists.


The Herb That Smokes: Nicotine And Peppermint

Results show that all the peppermint plants contain minor amounts of nicotine before treatment, but the experiments revealed that the plants also incorporate nicotine considerably from the soil as well as from tobacco smoke. These findings demonstrate for the first time that the reported occurrence of nicotine indeed may originate from tobacco. The incorporated nicotine was subsequently metabolised by the plants.


Physicists Conclude Destruction Of Earth’s Plants Puts Life On Earth At Risk

“You can think of the Earth like a battery that has been charged very slowly over billions of years. The sun’s energy is stored in plants and fossil fuels, but humans are draining energy much faster than it can be replenished.”