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Former Director of Horticulture, Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo. Zoo exhibit & landscape designer perversely fascinated by the doings of plants, animals, ecosystems and other things not requiring batteries

Mistletoe And Marsupials. A New Holiday Tradition?

For most people, mistletoe evokes images of Christmas and perhaps a little holiday romance. For a group of Argentine researchers, it brings to mind marsupials and defecation.


Mistletoe Magic

Some of the plants have flowers with trick openings. Some shoot their seeds farther than most watermelon spitters can spout. Some mistletoes grow as parasites on other parasitic mistletoes. And some give North Americans and Australians yet another way to misunderstand each other.


Lure Pollinators With Fungi

From the region that gave us pollination by cockroaches and dung beetles, here's another of Nature's peculiarities: a plant that relies on a fungus as well as a pollinating insect.


Seeds Will Have Their Day In The Sun

Even as scientists develop methods to control plant reproduction, each time we yield to the temptation to pluck a ripe juicy apple from its branch, we too become pawns in one of nature's carefully devised game plans.