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The Trees (gasp) Are Killing Us

The purple areas on this map show places where satellites have detected formaldehyde. This chemical forms from isoprene, a volatile organic compound that trees can give off when temperatures are hot.


Forest As Efficient As Tech To Clean Pollution

So a 10,000-acre forest equals one average industrial scrubber. And in this part of Texas, where open land is ample, reforestation is within reach. The cost of the project not including the land would be about the same as using traditional forms of pollution control


Forest Fire, 66-million years ago, yields new information

Scientists have recently discovered evidence of a 66-million-year-old wildfire in Saskatchewan, Canada, at a time when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. For the first time, the research group discovered fossilized plant life that points to a prehistoric forest fire, providing scientists with clues about Earth’s ancient climate.


Plant Pests May Save Us From Climate Change (Well, sort of)

A new study has come to the counterintuitive conclusion that plants might accumulate more carbon in the presence of predators and herbivores than they do in isolated locales, where they are less likely to be eaten or trampled


Planning For Change: Improving heat tolerance in trees

Biologists succeeding in making popular trees significantly more tolerant to high temperatures, drought, and the presence of weed-killers.


Pine Forest Scent Slows Climate Change?!?

They've long understood that the smell of pine, made up of volatile organic compounds, reacts with oxygen in the forest canopy to form these aerosols.

Large Old Trees Sequestering Carbon

While they are alive, large old trees play a disproportionately important role within forest‘s carbon dynamics


Walden Pond trees leafing out far earlier than in Thoreau’s time

By comparing historical observations with current experiments, we see that climate change is creating a whole new risk for the native plants in Concord


How Plants Have Become Climate Change Moderaters

A decrease in global deforestation combined with enhanced vegetation growth caused by the rapid increase in carbon dioxide changed the land from a carbon source into a carbon sink.


Fig Wasps As Keystone Species, Vulnerable To Global Warming

From the wings of tiny creatures hang the fates of hundreds of bird and mammal species, and perhaps even entire rainforests. They are fig wasps and they play a disproportionate role in the grand drama of life on Earth. They shape our own story too because of this. But new research warns that these insects could be